Bespoke Dog Coats

All of All That Wag’s products are hand crafted and made to order by me.

Coat Types

Our bespoke coats are made using polar fleece and 100% cotton /bamboo towelling lining. The towelling wicks away moisture and dirt after your dog has been swimming or playing in mud and sand. Not only do our coats keep your dogs snug and warm after their walk, they also save a lot of mess, preventing the inevitable splashes from dogs shaking in your car and home.

Drying Coat

Made to measure. Polar fleece outer, 100% cotton terry-towelling / bamboo lining.

Fleece Coat

Made to measure. Polar fleece outer and fleece lining.

Outdoor Coat

Made to measure. Waterproof shell and fleece lining

Fleece Styles

Usually, we have the following categories of fleece available. If we haven’t got one you like, we will endeavour to get it in or supply something similar.

  1. Plains
  2. Colourful & Jazzy
  3. Tartan
  4. Patterned
  5. Cute/Animals

Outdoor Fabric Styles

  1. Camouflage softshell
  2. Plain Ripstop Fabric: red, black, blue, purple & green.
  3. Paw Print Waterproof: green & black, blue & black,red&black
  4. Tartan
  5. various soft shell prints

See examples of our fabrics here!

Price List

Coat TypeTiny SmallMediumLargeX LargeXX LargeXXX Large
Drying Coat£20£25£27£30/£35£40£45

Discounts available for 3 or more coats or blankets.
All profits are donated to animal charities.

Sizes for Breeds

Tiny Breeds: e.g. Chihuahua
Small Breeds: e.g. Terrier
Medium Breeds: e.g. Spaniel
Large Breeds: e.g. Large Spaniel/Lab
XL Breeds: e.g. Large Lab/Collie
XXL Breeds: e.g. Golden Doodle
XXXL Breeds: e.g. GSD/Malamute

Quirky Hats £15 inc post Snoods £12 inc post

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