Timmy’s Fund

All That Wag began because of my desire to support a sponsor dog who suffered from leish subsequently his sister also succumbed to the disease i currently support the vet bills to test / treat these dogs.

Timmy the Rescue!

Timmy was rescued by one of these groups. There are diseases that dogs commonly get in Mediterranean countries which dogs are not exposed to in the UK. So, the rescues routinely test for Leishmaniasis and Ehrlichiosis. I am not an expert so I will give you the layman’s description. Leishmaniasis is a parasite infection caused by Sandflies. There are two types of presentation, Cutaneous (skin) reaction and visceral (abdominal organ) reaction. Even when treated, once a dog has the parasite infection, it has it for life. This means they need treatment and testing throughout their lives. The prognosis is not usually good, but some dogs can go on to live relatively normal lives. Even when symptoms are under control the dog may relapse into an acute episode at any time which can be fatal. More information can be found at http://www.leishvet.org.

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